World class technology and development services

Our product range allows you to choose either an

  • ultrasound device with a wide range of accessories including our patented needle guidance technology, or
  • to license our technologies and to integrate them into your own ultrasound platform, or
  • to even use our platform&application solutions adapted to your needs.

eZono has developed the revolutionary and worldwide patented needle guidance technology eZGuide®. The company offers state-of-the-art technology and application-oriented solutions for ultrasound manufacturers, medical technology, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies as well as for education and training of ultrasound-based procedures.

Ultrasound Device

With the eZono®5000 we provide excellent ultrasound image quality that will enhance even more our unique eZGuide® needle guidance system. This is the pinnacle in ultrasound supported needle guidance with the exclusive long needle tracking capabilities that will bring the best performance in those difficult procedures in Point-Of-Care applications.

Best for

  • all Point-Of-Care applications
  • clinicians

Licensing Needle Guidance Technology

With our licensing business we offer especially to ultrasound companies the possibility to integrate our unique and patented technologies into their own ultrasound products – like this they meet the growing demand regarding patient safety and hospital security.

Best for

  • ultrasound device companies
  • medical technology companies

Licensing Cue Cards

Individually adaptable according to your requirements and methods – solutions for integrated training methods that convey knowledge in the field of ultrasound procedures and can be accessed at any time.

Best for

  • all industries using ultrasound guided technology

Individualized Solution

With our solutions we offer an active method to provide a solution to non-ultrasound companies that don’t have their own ultrasound platform. Customized solutions in form of a dedicated handheld ultrasound device for specific needle procedures. The optimal way of using our needle guidance technology.

Best for

  • Bio / Pharma industry
  • Needle / Catheder companies
  • non-ultrasound device companies (e.g. surgical instruments)
  • simulator / education industry