eZono investigates and develops with the financial support by the Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (European Regional Development Fund) and by the Free State of Thuringia

eZono AG is working on the research and development of a next generation needle tracking system technology for medical ultrasound applications and needling procedures and is supported by a grant from the Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (European Regional Development Fund) and from the provinces of the Free State of Thuringia (2017 FE 0001).

Within the scope of this research and development project, eZono AG is investigating and developing new techniques which will take needle tracking performance beyond the current state of the art, increase its range of applications, and simplify clinical use.



eZono 4000 -EVOLUTION3.1

eZono is proud to inform you of a new software upgrade, now available for your eZono 4000 system.

This software offers increased levels of performance in imaging and functionality while also increasing the convenience of using the eZGuide™ tool, with its new onscreen indicators and prompts designed to facilitate easier needle guidance.

It will surely make your everyday work easier.

Start eZGuidewith one Touch: With the One-Touch-Button you get direct access to the needle guidance function. This feature noticeably improves the workflow and helps you to concentrate on the procedure at hand.

Guide Long Needles – up to 7cm depth with eZGuide: This improvement will enhance and expand the usage of eZGuide to visualize your needles up to 7 cm in depth during the procedures. This feature enables the use of needle guidance technology for deeper and more complex procedures, while helping to perform procedures in obese patients.

5 New MSK Cue Cards: We added 5 new MSK Cue Cards for: Hip Joint Injection, Lumbar Facet Joint, Piriformis muscle, Sacroiliac Joint Injection and Elbow diagnostic. The Cue Cards can be used as a training tool to gain knowledge in a unique way or as a reference during complex procedures. Cue Cards are designed for beginners as well as experienced users.

Improvements in patient management workflow and DICOM: The new intuitive patient management interface enables complete documentation of patients, diagnosis and treatment. The improved patient workflow and DICOM connectivity makes patient management with the eZono 4000 system a more efficient experience.


eZono® presents next-generation ultrasound system eZono®5000


JENA, Germany, 15th February, 2017eZono AG (“eZono®”) eZono® presents its next-generation ultrasound, the eZono®5000, at the Symposium for Intensive Care + Intensive Care in Bremen.

eZono® opens up new possibilities in the field of ultrasound with eZono®5000, the interdisciplinary point-of-care ultrasound system. The highly innovative, portable eZono®5000 provides doctors with a complete solution for their daily clinical routine. Outstanding image quality, interactive user interface and a broad spectrum of transducers provide surgeons with optimal support for ultrasound-assisted procedures.

Furthermore, the system is equipped with eZono’s unique needle navigation system eZGuide™. eZGuide™ allows to determine penetration depth, angle and target point of the needle before starting an invasive procedure, thus significantly increasing procedure accuracy and patient safety.
eZono® also integrates the patented training tutorial, Cue Cards, which closes the gap between theoretical training and practical clinical application. With the help of detailed step-by-step instructions, accompanied by 3D anatomy, reference images, and videos, users are effectively supported during training and lowering the learning curve.

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eZono®, moves the needle in procedural ultrasound. Introducing eZGuide® Adaptive Needle Recognition


JENA, Germany, 30th July, 2014eZono AG (“eZono®”), a private corporation that designs, develops and markets state-of-the-art tablet ultrasound system, dedicated for procedural ultrasound,  today announced the release of eZGuide® Adaptive Needle Recognition (eZGuide® ANR).  This new release is a powerful advance in magnetic detection technology. eZGuide® ANR automatically calibrates the eZono® 4000 systems so clinicians may use their needle of choice with eZGuide® Navigation Technology.  In addition, automatic on-screen needle information, ensure clinicians are fully aware of the needle trajectory and penetration capabilities, prior to starting an invasive procedure, providing the clinician with the possibility to increase the safety and efficiency for each procedure.

‘eZGuide® Adaptive Needle Recognition (ANR) is a major step forward for procedural guidance’, said Graham Cox, CEO eZono®, ‘Our challenge up until now has been in managing the needle optimization process. We want to enable clinicians and hospitals to have flexibility for their choice of needle to perform procedures and still offer precision guidance from our system. With the introduction of eZGuide® ANR technology, we have not only streamlined this needle selection process, but we have also included an improved feature set, which will display the capabilities of each needle before it is used on the patient. This puts the clinician much more in control by having all the information on the needle guidance, provided ahead of time’.

Procedural Guidance is one of the fastest growing areas of ultrasound, and the increasing demand for procedural guidance is the direct result of the focus on patient safety. Existing procedural ultrasound technologies are products focused more on diagnostics than procedures, frequently requiring expensive add-on equipment and dedicated consumables which lock hospitals into expensive contracts. eZono® will upgrade all eZono® 4000 users to eZGuide® Adaptive Needle Recognition, free of charge, expanding the clinical utility of the eZono 4000 system.
Also included with the upgrade are image quality enhancements, user interface improvements and DICOM compatibility.

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U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for eZono® 4000


eZono® AG (“eZono®”), a private corporation designing, developing and distributing state of the art tablet ultrasound systems, today announced it received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its eZono® 4000 dedicated procedural guidance system with eZGuide® technology, providing any plane freehand navigation.

The eZono® 4000 offers excellent image quality and features eZGuide®, a revolutionary needle guidance providing needle tip location, with the precision and ease of use that clinicians did not think possible in a tablet style system. “The eZono® 4000 with eZGuide®, is exceeding our expectations in performance and has been welcomed as game changing technology by many physicians”, says Graham Cox, CEO eZono®. “eZono® is passionate about bringing practical and affordable solutions to clinicians in their everyday practice and we are delighted to bring this technology to the United States for needle guidance applications. As healthcare costs rise, it becomes imperative for companies to provide quality solutions at affordable prices. eZono® addresses the needs of improving patient safety with increased efficiency by making essential equipment more easily accessible with minimal ongoing costs per procedure”.

The eZono® 4000 has revolutionized the way in which ultrasound guided procedures are performed in two ways” says Dr Jeff Gadsden, Director of Regional Anesthesia St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York “Firstly, knowing where your needle tip is at all times represents a substantial safety advantage, both for in-plane and out-of-plane procedures. The needle localization technology eliminates the guesswork out of ultrasound guided techniques and reassures you that the procedure is not going to end in misadventure. Secondly, we have found the learning curve is accelerated with the eZono® 4000 — trainees understand ultrasound guided block techniques more quickly when they are trained on the 4000 and are able to demonstrate better hand-eye coordination skills after several sessions with the machine compared to traditional teaching techniques”.

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eZono® AG closes $10m financing round

MVM Life Science Partners leads investment into portable tablet ultrasound platform and novel needle guidance technology Jena, Germany — (Business Wire) — eZono® AG (“eZono®”), a private corporation that develops portable tablet ultrasound systems, announced today that it has completed an equity financing of up to $10m. The capital increase is led by new investor MVM Life Science Partners LLP (“MVM”). In conjunction with the financing, MVM partner Hugo Harrod will join eZono’s board of directors.In May 2009, eZono® launched one of the first tablet-style portable ultrasound systems, the eZono® 3000. Due to its touch screen graphical user interface, the eZono® 3000 allows ultrasound to be adopted in new applications where the barrier to entry is the users’ lack of experience. Furthermore the eZono® 3000 includes CueCards and downloadable multimedia apps which speed up the learning curve for a variety of regional anaesthesia and emergency care procedures. “Having sold more than 450 eZono® 3000 systems globally, we now take the next step with our novel needle guidance technology in 2013. Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia is a key driver for patient safety and reducing cost in surgery but adoption is still slow because of the difficulties inherent in guiding the needle to the nerve. Our needle guidance technology addresses this and should accelerate adoption.” said Allan R. Dunbar, eZono’s Chief Executive Officer.

In contrast to existing solutions, eZono’s needle guidance technology works with a variety of existing standard needles used in regional anaesthesia and is associated with no additional setup time or change to clinical practice. “eZono® has one of the most innovative development teams we have encountered and a great platform in the eZono® 3000. We have witnessed the remarkable clinical reception to eZono’s needle guidance technology and believe it has the potential to make eZono® a global leader in portable ultrasound.” commented Hugo Harrod of MVM.

With the proceeds from the financing, eZono® will expand its research and development operations in Jena but also invest significantly in its global sales operations. “Having MVM as a partner, allows us not only to accelerate the introduction of our new technology but also to increase our revenue growth, which was 60% in 2012” concluded Andre Jaekel, Chief Financial Officer of eZono®.


About eZono®

eZono® AG was founded in July 2004 and is located in Jena/Germany. The company develops and markets tablet style ultrasound systems for emerging markets like regional anaesthesia and emergency care. Its first generation eZono® 3000 system achieved CE mark in May 2009 and FDA 510k in July 2011. The eZono® 3000 is now sold in more than 30 countries globally.

About MVM

MVM Life Science Partners LLP is a global venture capital firm that has been investing in emerging healthcare companies since 1998. Its three funds under management total $500m and its team of seven executives is located in London and Boston.

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