SI_Step2_1Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool, offering MSK clinicians real- time, non-invasive imaging, to help assess and treat musculoskeletal pathologies. Ultrasound offers great advantages in diagnosis, by showing the anatomical structures, both at rest as well as in motion, for a more accurate assessment of pathology. In procedural applications, evidence shows that ultrasound guidance can significantly reduce complications and increase accuracy.

eZono® has already established its presence in the MSK markets with the eZono® 3000. The eZono® 4000 is our flagship product offering increased performance with revolutionary needle guidance technology and pioneering onboard education software.

For our customers who require a reliable product with good performace and without needle guidance, our eZono® 3000 is a great solution. For more information on the eZono® 3000 click here.



Why eZono® 4000

Image Quality
  • New generation transducer technology, plus increased processing capacity, generates great image quality
  • Latest technology LED monitor provides the brightness needed when in the operating room are critical care areas.
  • Automatic image optimisation for Point of care applications
Needle placement
  • eZGuide® Freehand Navigation system, provides real time feedback on the location of the needle and needle tip relative to the anatomy with no expensive transducer attachments to restrict natural hand movement
  • ANY PLANE GUIDANCE Both in-plane and out-of plane needle guidance, lets you know exactly where you are in relation to your target.
  • NO special needles NO expensive hardware NO special gauges
  • No special needle or expensive hardware required
  • A toughened glass screen, high quality casing and concealed connectors. The eZono® 4000 is built to withstand the rigors of the point of care environment
  • 1 meter drop tests for quality control.
  • Pioneering onboard reference materials, with interactive 2D and 3D graphics, guides the user through each procedure
Easy to use
  • Simple Touch interactive touch screen with graphic commands makes the eZono® 4000 extreamly easy to learn and use.
  • 4 hours of video storage or 250,000 images.
  • eZono® recognises the financial challenges facing healthcare providers. Our systems are realistically priced to enable ultrasound to be used wherever it provides a benefit for the clinician or the patient.