We are innovators – not just inventors!

Since the introduction of ultrasound in the Point-Of-Care segment, ultrasound-guided procedures have become widely used worldwide and have significantly improved the success rate of needle procedures.

In the medical field, however, there have always been 10-20% difficult applications, as each person has a different, individual anatomical structure, which means that the success rate in needle-guided procedures falls below a satisfactory level. And this is exactly where the technology is needed as an aid. This explains the origin and motivation of eZono to find solutions for these challenges.

eZono has specialized in the technology of ultrasound needle guidance. The use of this technology further increases the success rate of needle procedures, especially in difficult cases, which ultimately increases safety for the patient and thus also means higher patient satisfaction by reducing the number of painful punctures for the patient.

Since patient safety is the most important concern in the healthcare system, eZono aims to accelerate the introduction of new technologies through a partnership-based business model that benefits the entire medical community.

eZono remains focused on bringing continuously innovation to the healthcare system

Our Mission is

  • to bring innovation to every corner of the ultrasound process engineering field
  • to create a healthy ecosystem for joint growth with other medical technology industries
  • to improve the level of patient safety during needle insertion

Our Vision is

  • to become the number 1 solution provider in the field of procedural ultrasound
  • to be an innovator that leads people to well-being