RMA Form

In some cases your device concerns can be solved without return of the system to eZono AG. eZono service center will support you in determining whether the system shall be returned for repair.

If the ultrasound system is to be returned, then all items below must also be returned to ensure complete safety of your device.

An optional downloadable pdf version is available for you to print here .

  • Contact

  • Return Items

    Please write down item’s serial numbers
  • On the system’s main screen, select “Utilities” followed by “Maintenance”.
  • Terms

  • Non-faulty system:
    If the system to be repaired is found to be non-faulty, eZono AG reserves the right to charge the customer an appropriate amount to cover the cost of investigation.

    Transport / Shipment:
    If the return items listed above are damaged during transport to the eZono service center, then the repair of transport damage is chargeable to the customer – this is regardless of warranty.
    If you need to create proforma / commercial invoice for customs issues corresponding to the value of goods and, where necessary, please declare the shipment as outward processing export. In case you have questions concerning the value of goods, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Customer data:
    Before returning the faulty device to eZono service center the customer is strongly advised to make a backup of all customer data (patient records, user preferences etc.). As part of the safety regulations all patient data will be removed from the system.
    You can read about our data protection policy here.

    Device disinfection:
    Customer confirms that a proper disinfection of the system and all peripherals has been done before shipment.

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