The eZSimulator is a unique PC based training tool for ultrasound guided procedures. It consists of a virtual ultrasound probe peripheral and software using eZono’s eZGuide® technology that is able to detect needles in free space and to display them over a training image. It simulates the probe-needle coordination in real application scenarios without the need of an ultrasound systems or special phantoms. By using the eZSimulator you will learn In-Plane and Out-Of-Plane needle technique in a realistic environment with a large image library and plenty of tutorials.

Training image
eZSimulator – included components

Video Tutorials with eZSimulator


Interactive training with eZono’s eZGuide® needle navigation technology. On image needle position, alignment, trajectory, angles… Build your experience with proper procedural feedback.


A growing library of training images for a variety of applications. Start with simple cases and learn to perform the procedure through a set of anatomical variations with different levels of difficulty.

Cue Cards

Step by step learning with reference images, graphics and animations. Get anatomical references, procedural information and tips. Then practice them on the training images.

Video Tutorials

Educational videos with detailed information for each application. Get a quick overview of the application.


  • Unique tool for training of probe-needle coordination
  • Train ultrasound basics and ultrasound guided needling with one solution
  • Real time simulation of the needle on ultrasound images
  • Library with training images for various application
  • Independent training, constant feedback
  • Practice different procedures without special ultrasound equipment or phantoms
  • In-Plane and Out-Of-Plane training with eZono’s eZGuide® in one solution
  • Little need for storage space