With the eZono®5000 – eZono’s latest flagship – we provide you with excellent image quality that exploits the full potential of our unique eZGuide® technology. This is the optimum of performing ultrasound assisted needle procedures with the exclusive possibility of tracking long needles. With the eZono®5000 you get the best performance – even for difficult Point-Of-Care applications.

The system performance is surpassing the existing limitations in applications and procedures with eZGuide®, now we are able to expand our capabilities beyond these limitations. With our unique Cue Cards on board the eZono®5000 forms the ultimate learning experience.


  • Premium Performance of the versatile, fast booting and portable eZono®5000.
  • Excellent High Contrast and stunning resolution generated by Unique RF Platform.
  • Large Range Of Broadband Transducers available.
  • Cue Cards on board for best reference available in complex procedures.
  • Advanced Augmented Reality Needle Guidance.
  • Ease Of Use and lightweight ergonomic design.
  • High Frequency capability up to 23 MHz.
  • Adaptive image processing.
  • eZ-Movable With Small Footprint when installed on optional cart.
  • High Resolution LCD display.

eZGuide® is an unique navigation technology that ensures that clinician can accurately visualize the needle tip position in ultrasound guided procedures on any chosen plane. eZGuide® requires no expensive hardware, no special needles and no special needle gauges. Access here to eZGuide®

Before using eZGuide®, calibration for your needle of choice is required. Some of the most commonly used needles have already been calibrated and they are added as an easy selection on the eZono®5000 menu. This is a list of the currently available and qualified needles and vendors for eZono®5000 (Software version 1.7.01 and version 1.9.62): Needle List

  • Weight 3,8 kg
  • 15,6 inch high resolution LCD monitor
  • 8 inch capacity touch panel
  • Auto imaging optimization
  • Easy Comparative Function to compare previous exam
  • 2D gray scale imaging
  • Harmonic imaging both in tissue harmonic and pulse inversion harmonic technologies
  • Color Doppler imaging
  • Power Doppler imaging
  • Pulse wave Doppler 
  • Continuous wave Doppler
  • Simultaneous 2D and M mode
  • Duplex 2D/PW Doppler
  • Triplex 2D/Color/PW Doppler
  • High PRF pulsed wave Doppler
  • Pan and Zoom
  • FULL screen imaging to enlarge imaging size
  • Dual real time imaging without compromising imaging size
  • Network storage and printing including Bluetooth
  • Cart with 3 connectors (optional)