eZono® 4000

The eZono® 4000 is eZono’s product, offering unique solutions to address the real life challenges facing clinicians every day, when using ultrasound at the point of care.

Using the latest technology to provide advanced functionality with the simplicity and reliability requested and required by clinicians providing point of care services, the eZono® 4000 represents a new era of imaging, needle guidance and education, at a price point reflecting the needs of healthcare providers worldwide.


• Weight: 4.7kg
• internal memory 64GB
• 12.1” LED touch screen
• Digital broadband architecture
• 2x USB 2.0 ports, 1 Express Card port, built-in microphone.
• Proprietary Linux operating system
• Less than 20 seconds start time
• Icon-based graphical user interface using Simple Touch interactive panel
• Upgrade via USB for continuous improvement throughout its life time
• Store up to 240,000 images or 4 hours of continuous video
• 2D Grayscale Imaging
• Velocity color Flow Doppler
• Power Doppler
• M-Mode
• PC transfer capability


eZGuide® is a unique freehand navigation technology that ensures the clinician can accurately visualize the needle tip position in ultrasound guided procedures, on any chosen plane.

eZGuide® requires no expensive hardware, no special needles and no special needle gauges.

Access here to eZGuide®


The eZono® 4000 offers:

  • Latest LED Screen

    Imaging in the Point of Care environments requires a system that can adapt to sub-optimal imaging conditions, where there is limited control over light. The new LED screen on the eZono® 4000 provides the stunning brightness required to fully appreciate the image in the operating room or critical care areas.

  • Advanced image quality

    Designed from the ground up eZono’s new generation transducer technology with increased processing offers advanced imaging capabilities with automated optimization to get the best results quickly and easily.

  • eZGuide®, revolutionary needle guidance technology.

    The most advanced needle guidance system available, for ultrasound guidance procedures.

  • Cue Cards, pioneering onboard education software.

    The message we heard from many point of care clinicians was the need for education. The eZono® offers advanced 2D and 3D graphics in a sophisticated onboard education program that puts information for numerous procedures, at your finger tips, at any time.

  • Large Storage Capability

    No need to be confined to small clip storage or the ability to take just a few images before transferring them off the system. The eZono® 4000 offers up to 4 hours of video storage or 250,000 still images.


Reliability and Durability

The Point of Care environment is challenging. When systems are moved frequently, it is essential to have a system that has been designed and built to be robust and reliable. With a toughened glass screen, high quality casing and concealed connectors the eZono® 4000 is ready for the Point of Care challenge. Our quality control processes includes drop tests of the system and transducers.