Innovating portable ultrasound

The eZonoTM 3000 portable ultrasound system is designed for the needs of clinicians imaging at the point of care. It accelerates the learning curve with our patented Cue Cards, a multi-media learning and workflow tool – combined with excellent image quality.

The technology behind the eZono 3000 is designed completely new from the ground up. At its core we use a highly flexible hardware platform combined with a powerful processing platform. This flexibility allows our software to be so versatile, that it can be adjusted to the users’ true needs.

• Weight: 4,9kg
• Dimensions: 32,4cm x 28,2cm x 9,3cm
• 4GB internal memory
• 26,4cm diagonal LCD touch screen (24bit, 60 million colors)
• Digital broadband architecture
• 2x USB 2.0 ports, 1 Express Card port, built-in microphone.
• Proprietary Linux operating system
• Less than 20 seconds start time
• Icon-based graphical user interface via touch screen
• Upgrade via USB for continuous improvement throughout its life time
• Store up to 30,000 images or 30 minutes of continuous video

Pioneering onboard education.

Cue Cards is a pioneering onboard education package, offering an extensive and expanding library of procedures, in multiple clinical applications allowing clinicians to practice each procedure with invaluable reference materials.
Learn more about Cue Cards here



The advanced touchscreen of the system and the icon-based user interface significantly reduce complexity. Given its light-weight form-factor, fast boot time of under 20 sec and 2h battery life, the eZono™ 3000 is ideally suited for every day clinical use.

With four different processing options for image display, the eZono® 3000 can be set up to meet you personal image preferences.