eZGuide®, a revolutionary needle guidance technology.

Now, clinicians using ultrasound guidance for procedures, can accurately visualize the needle track and the needle tip position, in any chosen plane, using eZGuide’s onscreen display with color coding. The alignment of the needle and the position of the tip relative to the imaging plane are always in view, allowing the user to identify the correct needle trajectory, prior to puncturing the patient’s skin and maintain the chosen route to the target anatomy.

Before using eZGuide®, calibration is required for your needle of choice. Some of the most commonly used needles have already been calibrated and they are added as an easy selection on the eZono® 4000 menu. A list of the currently qualified needles and vendors for eZono 4000 version 3.1 is available in this pdf file:

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If your preferred needle does not appear on this list, please contact eZono® for details on needle calibration for non listed vendors.

A new list of qualified needles for eZono 5000 (only for software version 1.7.01) is available for download here:

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FreePlane Navigation with Adaptive Needle Recognition:

eZGuide® is performed free hand, and functions for any plane procedures. Whilst conventional needle guidance technology restricts the choice of clinicians, to either in-plane or out of plane, eZGuide®, allows the clinician to choose the optimal path of approach to the target area. Now with the latest eZGuide® Adaptive Needle Recognition software, clinicians have the flexibility to use preferred needles whenever possible*, and are not limited to proprietary needles. eZGuide® ANR automatically calibrates the eZono® 4000 system for the currently selected needle so clinicians are fully aware of the capabilities with regard to needle properties, navigation and depth of penetration prior to starting an invasive procedure, providing the means for the clinician to improve the safety and efficiency of the procedure. *  Needles must be made of materials that can be magnetized ezguide_2

The Needling Challenge

The challenge facing clinicians using ultrasound guidance is developing the skills to manipulate both the needle and transducer to achieve the correct alignment and visualize the needle. Even with good technique, the needle is frequently identified more on tissue movement rather than good visualization and the user is restricted to ‘in plane’ techniques. It has been reported that most problems associated with needle guidance techniques is failure to recognize the needle tip. With eZGuide® we overcome these challenges with on screen navigation that identifies and displays the needle path, for any plane techniques, and accurately pinpoints the needle tip.