Emergency Medicine departments are demanding environments, so any equipment needs to offer speed and reliability.
The intuitive user interface with automatic set up of the eZono®5000 allows emergency medicine clinicians to obtain optimal imaging at the touch of a button. 

eZono®5000 offers great imaging at the Point-Of-Care with eZGuide® revolutionary needle guidance technology for placing lines or draining fluids and with the option of a 20 seconds start up. Your system is ready to go when you need it.


Why eZono®5000

Image Quality
  • Wide spectrum probes 2 – 23MHz for looking into deep or superficial structures
  • Best detailed information with Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Needle placement
  • eZGuide® Freehand Navigation system, provides real time feedback on the location of the needle and needle tip relative to the anatomy with no expensive transducer attachments to restrict natural hand movement
  • ANY PLANE GUIDANCE: Both In-Plane and Out-Of-Plane needle guidance lets you know exactly where your needle and needle tip are in relation to your target.
  • Tracking depths up to 7cm
  • NO special needles NO expensive hardware NO special gauges
Education & Training
  • Pioneering onboard reference materials, with interactive 2D and 3D graphics, guides the user through each procedure
  • Intuitive touch panel operation
  • Height adjustable trolley with multiple probe connector
Storage and Connectivity
  • Save hours of records in the local storage or connect to external storage server
  • Connectivity options such as PACS, Modality Worklist (MWL), DICOM, WiFi
  • eZono®5000 recognizes the financial challenges facing healthcare providers. Our systems are realistically priced to enable ultrasound to be used wherever it provides a benefit for the clinician or the patient