About eZono

Today, we can look back on a short and successful history that is marked by many milestones and innovations.

eZono is a young, dynamic company that focuses on Point-Of-Care solutions. The company, based in Jena, Germany, offers a multicultural team of experts from various disciplines, specialized in the development of new approaches to ultrasound-guided interventional procedures. Founded in 2004, eZono AG is an unconventional ultrasound company that enables even users who are not specialized in ultrasound procedures to integrate sonography into their everyday work. In this way, we enable our customers to improve clinical results, increase patient satisfaction and, in particular, save costs. We not only develop affordable portable sonography devices for special applications, we also make sure that these systems can be used by anesthesiologists, for example, without any problems and that the required training effort is drastically reduced.

Milestones in our company history

eZono receives CE Registration for its needle guidance technolgy eZGuide with long needles
Product release of the eZono®5000 ultrasound device
eZono receives CE Registration for its needle guidance technology eZGuide with short needles
Product release of the eZono®4000 ultrasound device
eZono receives CE Registration for Cue Cards
Product release of our first product eZono®3000 ultrasound device
Foundation of eZono in Jena