The success of ultrasound imaging for needle placement in Central Line Insertions, Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management is well documented. Ultrasound is non-invasive and offers significant benefits in the quality of care by reducing complications and increasing safety. The eZono®5000 ultrasound system offers excellent imaging, with needle guidance and education support. Read more.

Pain management

Ultrasound in Pain Medicine is growing rapidly and is emerging as a valuable tool in pain management medicine. It offers high quality real time feedback to the clinician, providing more detail either for diagnostic purposes or for procedural applications. Using ultrasound guidance for procedures reduces complications and increases success rates. Sonography offers direct real time visualization of soft tissues and vessels which is especially valuable when choosing the correct needle trajectory. Read more.


Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool, offering MSK clinicians real- time, non-invasive imaging, to help assess and treat musculoskeletal pathologies. Ultrasound offers great advantages in diagnosis, by showing the anatomical structures, both at rest as well as in motion, for a more accurate assessment of pathology. In procedural applications, evidence shows that ultrasound guidance can significantly reduce complications and increase accuracy. Read more.

Emergency medicine

Emergency Medicine departments are demanding environments, so any equipment needs to offer speed and reliability. Intuitive user interface with automatic set up allows emergency medicine clinicians to obtain optimal imaging at the touch of a button. eZono products offer great imaging at the Point-Of-Care with eZGuide® revolutionary needle guidance technology for placing lines or draining fluids and with the option of a 20 seconds start up. Your system is ready to go when you need it. Read more.