Founded in 2004, eZono® AG is a different kind of ultrasound company. We have not evolved, or been a spin off from a large diagnostic ultrasound company, so we approach the industry with a different perspective.

Focused on the procedural market, eZono® has developed products that address the needs expressed by clinicians, to support their everyday clinical practices. We empower non-traditional ultrasound users to incorporate ultrasound guidance in to their daily work routine, by developing sophisticated systems that are intuitive and affordable.


BCKGND_2B-300x241We want to support our customers in improving clinical outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction. We make it easier for clinicians to operate, by offering guidance tools that can reduce the learning curve and increase accuracy.

Affordability and education have restricted the availability of ultrasound guidance for procedures at the point of care, with hybrid ultrasound systems catering mainly on the traditional diagnostic markets, adding complexity and cost. eZono® specializes in procedural guidance and will continue to push the boundaries to deliver specialized products that address the needs of our customers.