The learning curve problem with medical ultrasound equipment has not improved significantly since ultrasound invention a few decades ago. Even at this moment we know that many workshops or seminars are being held all over the world to provide training in ultrasound. So it is not too much of an exaggeration to say that the history of ultrasound is a history of education. Recently the Point-Of-Care market has been growing rapidly due to the great demand for ultrasound guided needling procedures, but most Point-Of-Care users have not had the opportunity to learn the use of ultrasound during their education. Another difficulty that Point-Of-Care users have to overcome is the development of needle guidance skills under ultrasound imaging.

The name eZono stands for “easy” and “sonography”. Since the inception of the company in 2005 eZono’s quest has been to make the use of ultrasound technology simpler. Everywhere the user finds a problem we seek an opportunity for innovation to clear that problem.

  • In 2009 we simplified the interface with our eZono®3000, the first touch screen only portable ultrasound system. Our idea was that every function of the ultrasound should be only one click away from the user.
  • In 2010 we released Cue Cards, the world first education package included in an ultrasound system that would allow following the tutorials while using the ultrasound live image.
  • In 2015 we tackled the problem of needling with eZGuide®, a free hand needle navigation system that uses the magnetic field of a needle to track it in free space and overlay its relative position and predicted trajectory on the ultrasound image.
  • In 2020 we are combining eZGuide® and CueCards in an exciting training tool called eZSimulator, a very practical way to train needling and to master the probe-needle coordination.

Cue Cards

Consolidate and perfect your knowledge in the field of ultrasound


Train the coordination of transducer and needle in real application scenarios