About eZono

eZono is a young dynamic company focused on point of care solutions.
Based in Jena, Germany, eZono brings together a multicultural team of experts, bringing a diverse and fresh approach to ultrasound guidance of interventional procedures.

Founded in 2004, eZono AG is a different kind of ultrasound company, one that empowers non-traditional ultrasound users to incorporate sonography in their daily work. This enables our customers to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and in particular lower cost. As a result we bring not only affordable portable sonography technology to specific applications but also makes it easy for instance for anesthetists to operate – reducing drastically their learning effort

Tilo, Quality Engineer

I like working at eZono because Quality is an integral part of most of eZono’s activities. We are involved at each stage of the product development life cycle, we test our final products with partners like Carl Zeiss, and ensure our supply and distribution partners achieve the highest standards. I am particularly proud that we consistently score highly with DEKRA, one of the toughest auditors in the Medical devices industry…”

Desi, graphic designer

Our team makes the visual content for eZono’s CUE CARDS and GUI. My challenge is working closely with doctors and engineers to get the pictures, animations and video just right. It’s really satisfying using my skills to help our customers learn more and use our products intuitively. I also try to make them beautiful…

Alexander, software tester

“My job is to break the software! That is before it is released to any customer. We continually run software tests at all levels of product development and in fact 40% of our software code is for testing purposes alone. We are paranoid about ensuring the software keeps going night and day for our customers and proud that our field failure rate is well below the industry average…”

Martin, research engineer

I feel very lucky to work on making doctors lives easier with technology. The projects we work on are very exciting and challenging from the technical point of view. It’s also fun working with research partners like the Fraunhofer Institute too…


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