We improve the quality of life of patients and drive progress, efficiency and access to healthcare.

eZono AG has set itself the task to develop and market innovative products to positively influence the importance of ultrasound procedures in clinical routine work and thus contribute to improving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The solutions the company develops aim at expanding the application range of ultrasound-guided needle procedures and delivering patient safety and hospital security. After all, we want the patient to leave the clinic with the best possible results and a high level of satisfaction.

Wir supply and provide

  • innovative technologies and application-oriented solutions designed to help doctors carry out needling procedures in a secure and fast way, to improve patients’ treatments and quality of life
  • complete solution packages for the implementation of already established but also completely new ultrasound-supported applications
  • promising, future-oriented technologies such as needle guidance technology.

Therefore we are guided by our mission to uniquely empower healthcare professionals worldwide to improve the lives of their patients and advance standards of care with our proven technologies and application expertise. Together with our colleagues, we work every day to achieve this goal.