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eZono® is a rapidly growing young company, determined to positively impact the way procedural ultrasound is incorporated into everyday practice.

We address the problems that have limited or challenged the role of ultrasound in procedural guidance for many years.

Guiding you
Unlike any other ultrasound company, eZono® is focused on providing guidance on multiple levels. Our intuitive Simple Touch user interface, eZGuide® needle guidance technology and Cue Card pioneering onboard education, sets a new industry standard in guiding procedural ultrasound, from education through to clinical practice.

…with vision
Needle visualization and education have been challenges facing ultrasound guidance for decades. eZono® thinks differently. We see the problems and look outside the boundaries of traditional thinking to find practical and affordable solutions


eZono 4000 NEW ARRIVAL

EZONO 4000

The eZono® 4000, is eZono’s® flagship product, offering unique solutions to address the real life challenges facing clinicians every day, when using ultrasound at the point of care.

eZono 3000

EZONO 3000

The eZono® 3000 portable ultrasound system is designed for the needs of clinicians imaging at the point of care.

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Whilst conventional needle guidance technology restricts the choice of clinicians to either in-plane or out of plane, eZGuide® allows clinicians to choose the optimal path of approach to the target area.

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Pioneering onboard education designed to reduce the learning curve for procedural ultrasound and bridges the gap between workshop and clinical use.


eZono is a young dynamic company focused on point of care solutions.
Based in Jena, Germany, eZono brings together a multicultural team of experts, bringing a diverse and fresh approach to ultrasound guidance of interventional procedures.

Founded in 2004, eZono AG is a different kind of ultrasound company, one that empowers non-traditional ultrasound users to incorporate sonography in their daily work. This enables our customers to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and in particular lower cost. As a result we bring not only affordable portable sonography technology to specific applications but also makes it easy for instance for anesthetists to operate – reducing drastically their learning effort



eZono® 4000, Evolution 3.1

28th July, 2017 - eZono® is proud to inform you of a new software upgrade, now available for your eZono® 4000 system. This software offers increased levels of performance in imaging and functionality while also increasing the convenience of using the eZGuide™ tool, with its new onscreen indicators and prompts designed to facilitate easier needle guidance. It will surely make your everyday work easier. Read More..