Welcome to eZono.

We are innovators – not just inventors!

eZono was founded in 2004 out of the motivation to eliminate those areas of application in which ultrasound-based procedures were condemned for many years to play only a minor role. We are determined to positively influence the role that ultrasound procedures play in clinical routine work.


Safety in clinical application…

Unlike any other ultrasound company, eZono is focused on providing guidance on multiple levels. Our intuitive Simple Touch user interface, eZGuide® needle guidance technology and Cue Card pioneering onboard education, set a new industry standard in guiding procedural ultrasound, from education through to clinical practice.

…thanks to innovative needle guidance technology

Needle visualization and education have been challenges facing ultrasound guidance for decades. eZono thinks differently. We see the problems and look outside the boundaries of traditional thinking to find practical and affordable solutions


“In an era, where patient safety is the foremost priority, clinicians can expect increasing pressure for ‘zero-tolerance’ with respect to procedural complications, such as arterial puncture, pneumothorax or nerve injury. To meet that goal, hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices will require not only a high-quality, reliable ultrasound but also effective and accurate navigation technology at an affordable price. eZGuide® is well designed and priced for these purposes and will be a strong contender to serve as the technology of choice in the next 5 years.”

Dr Jeff Gadsen Professor of Anesthesiology

Duke, University Medical Center, USA. (NYSORA Senior-Mitglied)

“What eZono has done will revolutionize ultrasound guided blocks.”

Dr. Ali Diba

Queen Victoria Hospital, UK

“Needle guidance can change the market in anaesthesia.”

Vice CMO Dr. Jens Döffert Sana Klinik Bad Wildbad | Dr. Ralf Hillmann Olgahospital Stuttgart (größte pädiatrische Klinik in Deutschland)


Needle Guidance Technology - eZGuide®

Whilst conventional needle guidance technology restricts the choice of clinicians to either In-Plane or Out-Of-Plane, eZGuide® allows clinicians to choose the optimal path of approach to the target area.

Cue Cards

Pioneering onboard education designed to reduce the learning curve for procedural ultrasound that bridges the gap between workshop and clinical use.


Train probe-needle coordination in real application scenarios without the need of special phantoms. By using the eZSimulator you will learn In-Plane and Out-Of-Plane needle techniques in a realistic environment with a large image library and tutorials.


With the eZono®5000 you get an ultrasound device with excellent image quality that fully utilizes the potential of our unique needle navigation eZGuide® with the exclusive ability to track even long needles. Best performance even in difficult Point-Of-Care applications.