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    eZono® is a rapidly growing young company, determined to positively impact the way procedural ultrasound is incorporated into everyday practice.
    We address the problems that have limited or challenged the role of ultrasound in procedural guidance for many years.

    Guiding you…

    Unlike any other ultrasound company, eZono® is focused on providing guidance on multiple levels. Our intuitive Simple Touch user interface, eZGuide™ needle guidance technology and Cue Card pioneering onboard education, sets a new industry standard in guiding procedural ultrasound, from education through to clinical practice.

    …with vision

    Needle visualization and education have been challenges facing ultrasound guidance for decades. eZono® thinks differently. We see the problems and look outside the boundaries of traditional thinking to find practical and affordable solutions


    Introducing eZono® 4000

    • Designed for point of care applications
    • Simple Touch Interface
    • Portable, Robust, Reliable
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    eZono® 4000

    The eZono® 4000, is eZono’s flagship product, offering unique solutions
    to address the real life challenges facing clinicians every day, when using ultrasound at the point of care.

    Using the latest technology to provide advanced functionality with the simplicity and reliability requested and required by clinicians providing point of care services, the eZono® 4000 represents a new era of imaging, needle guidance and education, at a price point reflecting the needs of healthcare providers worldwide


    • Weight: 4.7kg
    • internal memory 64GB
    • 12.1” LED touch screen
    • Digital broadband architecture
    • 2x USB 2.0 ports, 1 Express Card port, built-in microphone.
    • Proprietary Linux operating system
    • Less than 20 seconds start time
    • Icon-based graphical user interface using Simple Touch interactive panel
    • Upgrade via USB for continuous improvement throughout its life time
    • Store up to 240,000 images or 4 hours of continuous video
    • 2D Grayscale Imaging
    • Velocity color Flow Doppler
    • Power Doppler
    • M-Mode
    • PC transfer capability


    eZGuide is a revolutionary freehand navigation technology that ensures the clinician can accurately visualize the needle tip position in ultrasound guided procedures, an any chosen plane.
    eZGuide™ requires no expensive hardware, no special needles and no special needle gauges.
    Access here to eZGuide

    The eZono® 4000 offers:

    • Latest LED Screen

      Imaging in the Point of Care environments requires a system that can adapt to sub-optimal imaging conditions, where there is limited control over light. The new LED screen on the eZono® 4000 provides the stunning brightness required to fully appreciate the image in the operating room or critical care areas.

    • Advanced image quality

      Designed from the ground up eZono’s new generation transducer technology with increased processing offers advanced imaging capabilities with automated optimization to get the best results quickly and easily.

    • eZGuide™, revolutionary needle guidance technology.

      The most advance needle guidance system available, for ultrasound guidance procedures.

    • Cue Cards, pioneering onboard education software.

      The message we heard from many point of care clinicians was the need for education. The eZono® offers advanced 2D and 3D graphics in a sophisticated onboard education program that puts information for numerous procedures, at your finger tips, at any time.

    • Large Storage Capability

      No need to be confined to small clip storage or the ability to take just a few images before transferring them off the system. The eZono® 4000 offers up to 4 hours of video storage or 250,000 still images.


    Reliability and Durability

    The Point of Care environment is challenging. When systems are moved frequently, it is essential to have a system that has been designed and built to be robust and reliable. With a toughened glass screen, high quality casing and concealed connectors the eZono® 4000 is ready for the Point of Care challenge. Our quality control processes includes drop tests of the system and transducers.



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    Announcing FreePlane
    Navigation technology

    • …now with Adaptive Needle Recognition
      a new era in procedural guidance
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    eZGuide™, a revolutionary needle guidance technology.

    Now, clinicians using ultrasound guidance for procedures, can accurately visualize the needle track and the needle tip position, in any chosen plane, using eZGuide’s onscreen display with color coding. The alignment of the needle and the position of the tip relative to the imaging plane are always in view, allowing the user to identify the correct needle trajectory, prior to puncturing the patient’s skin and maintain the chosen route to the target anatomy.

    Before using eZGuide™, calibration is required for your needle of choice.
    Some of the most commonly used needles have already been calibrated and they are added as an easy selection on the eZono® 4000 menu. A list of the currently qualified needles and vendors is available in this pdf file:
    View pdf

    If your preferred needle does not appear on this list, please contact eZono® for details on needle calibration for non listed vendors.


    FreePlane Navigation
    with Adaptive Needle Recognition:

    eZGuide™ is performed free hand, and functions for any plane procedures. Whilst conventional needle guidance technology restricts the choice of clinicians, to either in-plane or out of plane, eZGuide™, allows the clinician to choose the optimal path of approach to the target area.

    Now with the latest eZGuide™ Adaptive Needle Recognition software, clinicians have the flexibility to use preferred needles whenever possible*, and are not limited to proprietary needles. eZGuide™ ANR automatically calibrates the eZono® 4000 system for the currently selected needle so clinicians are fully aware of the capabilities with regard to needle properties, navigation and depth of penetration prior to starting an invasive procedure, providing the means for the clinician to improve the safety and efficiency of the procedure.

    *  Needles must be made of materials that can be magnetized



    The Needling Challenge

    The challenge facing clinicians using ultrasound guidance is developing the skills to manipulate both the needle and transducer to achieve the correct alignment and visualize the needle. Even with good technique, the needle is frequently identified more on tissue movement rather than good visualization and the user is restricted to ‘in plane’ techniques.

    It has been reported that most problems associated with needle guidance techniques is failure to recognize the needle tip.

    With eZGuide™ we overcome these challenges with on screen navigation that identifies and displays the needle path, for any plane techniques, and accurately pinpoints the needle tip.



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    Cue Cards

    Pioneering onboard education

    • Extensive library of procedures
    • Practice each procedure
    • 2D and 3D graphical support
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    Onboard education

    Cue Card technology is pioneering onboard education.
    Cue Cards are designed to reduce the learning curve for procedural ultrasound and bridge the gap between workshop and clinical use.

    Offering detailed step by step education using which translates 2D and 3D anatomical knowledge into sonoanatomy; Cue Cards offer an extensive and expanding library of procedures in multiple clinical applications, allowing clinicians to practice each procedure with invaluable reference materials.


    June 2004 – Volume 100 – Issue 6 – pp 1411-1418
    Injuries and Liability Related to Central Vascular Catheters: A Closed Claims Analysis

    Domino, Karen B. M.D., M.P.H.; Bowdle, T. Andrew M.D., Ph.D. ; Posner, Karen L. Ph.D. ; Spitellie, Pete H. M.D.; Lee, Lorri A. M.D.; Cheney, Frederick W. M.D.


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    Guidelines for performing ultrasound guided vascular cannulation: recommendations of the American Society of Echocardiography and the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists.

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    If you are looking for a system that grows together with your personal needs and techniques, then simply create your own Cue Cards, upload them onto your system and use them in daily routines. Or benefit from our community of leading experts, providing an ever increasing stream of new Cue Cards for eZono® 4000 and eZono® 3000.

    We offer the unique possibility to use our tool which allows for Cue Card creation and in time implementation according to your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our concept, just register at myeZono.com and see what is possible.


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    About us

    • Young dynamic company
    • Specialists in Procedural Ultrasound
    • More than just imaging
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    NEW eZono expands German Headquarters

    Ezono is pleased to announce that we are expanding our German headquarters, into newer, larger and more modern offices on 28th and 29th January, to better support our customers and the continuing growth of the company. During this time, it is possible that you will experience a slower contact response rate, as we will have some server downtime, but we will be back into a full and efficient service on 30th January 2015.

    About eZono

    eZono is a young dynamic company focused on point of care solutions.
    Based in Jena, Germany, eZono brings together a multicultural team of experts, bringing a diverse and fresh approach to ultrasound guidance of interventional procedures.

    Founded in 2004, eZono AG is a different kind of ultrasound company, one that empowers non-traditional ultrasound users to incorporate sonography in their daily work. This enables our customers to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and in particular lower cost. As a result we bring not only affordable portable sonography technology to specific applications but also makes it easy for instance for anesthetists to operate – reducing drastically their learning effort

    Tilo, Quality Engineer

    I like working at eZono because Quality is an integral part of most of eZono’s activities. We are involved at each stage of the product development life cycle, we test our final products with partners like Carl Zeiss, and ensure our supply and distribution partners achieve the highest standards. I am particularly proud that we consistently score highly with DEKRA, one of the toughest auditors in the Medical devices industry…”

    Desi, graphic designer

    Our team makes the visual content for eZono’s CUE CARDS and GUI. My challenge is working closely with doctors and engineers to get the pictures, animations and video just right. It’s really satisfying using my skills to help our customers learn more and use our products intuitively. I also try to make them beautiful…

    Huang, software tester

    “My job is to break the software! That is before it is released to any customer. We continually run software tests at all levels of product development and in fact 40% of our software code is for testing purposes alone. We are paranoid about ensuring the software keeps going night and day for our customers and proud that our field failure rate is well below the industry average…”

    Emilio, research engineer

    I feel very lucky to work on making doctors lives easier with technology. The projects we work on are very exciting and challenging from the technical point of view. It’s also fun working with research partners like the Fraunhofer institute too…

    For more information please contact us.

    Tel : +49(0)3641 876 1740
    Fax: +49(0)3641 876 1759
    email: info@ezono.com
    eZono AG
    Spitzweidenweg 30
    D – 07743 Jena. Germany

    Tel : +1 206 939 5676 – +1 206 939 5670 (service)
    Fax: +1 206 686 2595
    email: info-usa@ezono.com
    eZono USA
    16310 NE 80th Street, Suite 100
    Redmond, WA 98052. USA


    Press releases

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    eZono®, moves the needle in procedural ultrasound. Introducing eZGuide™ Adaptive Needle Recognition


    JENA, Germany, 30th July, 2014- eZono AG (“eZono®”), a private corporation that designs, develops and markets state-of-the-art tablet ultrasound system, dedicated for procedural ultrasound,  today announced the release of eZGuide Adaptive Needle Recognition (eZGuide ANR).  This new release is a powerful advance in magnetic detection technology. eZGuide™ ANR automatically calibrates the eZono® 4000 systems so clinicians may use their needle of choice with eZGuide Navigation Technology.  In addition, automatic on-screen needle information, ensure clinicians are fully aware of the needle trajectory and penetration capabilities, prior to starting an invasive procedure, providing the clinician with the possibility to increase the safety and efficiency for each procedure.

    eZGuide FreePlane Navigation with ANR

    ‘eZGuide™ Adaptive Needle Recognition (ANR) is a major step forward for procedural guidance’, said Graham Cox, CEO eZono®, ‘Our challenge up until now has been in managing the needle optimization process. We want to enable clinicians and hospitals to have flexibility for their choice of needle to perform procedures and still offer precision guidance from our system. With the introduction of eZGuide™ ANR technology, we have not only streamlined this needle selection process, but we have also included an improved feature set, which will display the capabilities of each needle before it is used on the patient. This puts the clinician much more in control by having all the information on the needle guidance, provided ahead of time’.

    Procedural Guidance is one of the fastest growing areas of ultrasound, and the increasing demand for procedural guidance is the direct result of the focus on patient safety. Existing procedural ultrasound technologies are products focused more on diagnostics than procedures, frequently requiring expensive add-on equipment and dedicated consumables which lock hospitals into expensive contracts. eZono® will upgrade all eZono® 4000 users to eZGuide™ Adaptive Needle Recognition, free of charge, expanding the clinical utility of the eZono 4000 system.
    Also included with the upgrade are image quality enhancements, user interface improvements and DICOM compatibility.

    Download PDF

    U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for eZono® 4000


    eZono® AG (“eZono®”), a private corporation designing, developing and distributing state of the art tablet ultrasound systems, today announced it received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its eZono® 4000 dedicated procedural guidance system with eZGuide technology, providing any plane freehand navigation.

    The eZono® 4000 offers excellent image quality and features eZGuide, a revolutionary needle guidance providing needle tip location, with the precision and ease of use that clinicians did not think possible in a tablet style system. “The eZono® 4000 with eZGuide, is exceeding our expectations in performance and has been welcomed as game changing technology by many physicians”, says Graham Cox, CEO eZono®. “eZono® is passionate about bringing practical and affordable solutions to clinicians in their everyday practice and we are delighted to bring this technology to the United States for needle guidance applications. As healthcare costs rise, it becomes imperative for companies to provide quality solutions at affordable prices. eZono® addresses the needs of improving patient safety with increased efficiency by making essential equipment more easily accessible with minimal ongoing costs per procedure”.

    The eZono® 4000 has revolutionized the way in which ultrasound guided procedures are performed in two ways” says Dr Jeff Gadsden, Director of Regional Anesthesia St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York “Firstly, knowing where your needle tip is at all times represents a substantial safety advantage, both for in-plane and out-of-plane procedures. The needle localization technology eliminates the guesswork out of ultrasound guided techniques and reassures you that the procedure is not going to end in misadventure. Secondly, we have found the learning curve is accelerated with the eZono® 4000 — trainees understand ultrasound guided block techniques more quickly when they are trained on the 4000 and are able to demonstrate better hand-eye coordination skills after several sessions with the machine compared to traditional teaching techniques”.

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    eZono® appoints Dieter Schwartmann as Business Director EMEA

    eZono® AG (“eZono®”), a private corporation designing, developing and distributing state of the art tablet ultrasound systems, today announced the appointment of Dieter Schwartmann as Business Director of Europe, Middle East & Africa, effective May 13th 2013. Mr. Schwartmann brings 37 years of experience in the medical ultrasound and technology industry including serving as Vice President of Europe for SonoSite and Vice President of ATL Ultrasound, Inc., now part of Philips Medical Systems.

    “Dieter brings a unique combination of leadership skills with unprecedented experience in the healthcare industry and we feel very fortunate to have him join our team to head up our business in Europe, Middle East & Africa,” said Graham Cox, eZono’s® CEO-elect. “We look forward to working with Dieter to accelerate our growth and build on the launch of our revolutionary new products”.

    “eZono® has the vision and technology to address the challenges that European health care systems face and I am convinced their products will have a positive impact on healthcare efficiencies,” said Mr. Schwartmann.

    Mr. Schwartmann was a co-founder of Sonotron GmbH, an ultrasound distributor and service provider, where he spent nine years as General Manager. He also served as regional sales manager for ultrasound and other medical products at Kontron Medical GmbH. Additionally, he worked with Beckman Instruments in Germany and Carl Zeiss GmbH, a maker of medical optical instruments.

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    Graham Cox to join eZono® as CEO

    eZono® AG (“eZono®”), a private corporation that designs, develops and distributes state of the art tablet ultrasound systems, today announced a leadership transition that will accelerate the company’s growth. eZono’s® supervisory board has appointed Graham D. Cox as the company’s Chief Executive Officer effective 1st June 2013. Mr. Cox will succeed Allan R. Dunbar, co-founder and acting CEO of eZono®, who remains with the company as Chief Commercial Officer.

    “We are very excited that Graham is bringing his skill, experience and remarkable track record to eZono®. I firmly believe that, together with Allan and the team, he will enable the company to realise its enormous potential” said Hugo Harrod of MVM Life Science Partners, lead investor in eZono®.

    “We have been searching for an experienced CEO to capitalize on technologies such as our groundbreaking needle guidance. In my opinion, Graham is the best-qualified candidate in the world to take this role” commented Allan Dunbar.

    “eZono® has an impressive and unique team with a proven ability to innovate in the field of portable ultrasound. I am very excited to join the company and take these innovations to market worldwide” added Graham Cox.

    Mr. Cox is an ultrasound industry veteran with more than 35 years of experience in the field. He joins eZono® from SonoSite, a recognised leader in point-of-care ultrasound. At Sonosite, he served as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Distribution. During his 13 year tenure, annual revenues grew from zero to over $250 Million. Prior to joining SonoSite, Mr. Cox also held senior positions running sales and distribution for ATL Ultrasound (now Philips Medical Systems) and Acuson (now Siemens AG). Mr. Cox received an electronic engineer education and holds an Executive MBA (Hon) from the International Management Centers Association.

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    eZono® AG closes $10m financing round

    MVM Life Science Partners leads investment into portable tablet ultrasound platform and novel needle guidance technology Jena, Germany — (Business Wire) — eZono® AG (“eZono®”), a private corporation that develops portable tablet ultrasound systems, announced today that it has completed an equity financing of up to $10m. The capital increase is led by new investor MVM Life Science Partners LLP (“MVM”). In conjunction with the financing, MVM partner Hugo Harrod will join eZono’s board of directors.In May 2009, eZono® launched one of the first tablet-style portable ultrasound systems, the eZono® 3000. Due to its touch screen graphical user interface, the eZono® 3000 allows ultrasound to be adopted in new applications where the barrier to entry is the users’ lack of experience. Furthermore the eZono® 3000 includes CueCards and downloadable multimedia apps which speed up the learning curve for a variety of regional anaesthesia and emergency care procedures. “Having sold more than 450 eZono® 3000 systems globally, we now take the next step with our novel needle guidance technology in 2013. Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia is a key driver for patient safety and reducing cost in surgery but adoption is still slow because of the difficulties inherent in guiding the needle to the nerve. Our needle guidance technology addresses this and should accelerate adoption.” said Allan R. Dunbar, eZono’s Chief Executive Officer.

    In contrast to existing solutions, eZono’s needle guidance technology works with a variety of existing standard needles used in regional anaesthesia and is associated with no additional setup time or change to clinical practice. “eZono® has one of the most innovative development teams we have encountered and a great platform in the eZono® 3000. We have witnessed the remarkable clinical reception to eZono’s needle guidance technology and believe it has the potential to make eZono® a global leader in portable ultrasound.” commented Hugo Harrod of MVM.

    With the proceeds from the financing, eZono® will expand its research and development operations in Jena but also invest significantly in its global sales operations. “Having MVM as a partner, allows us not only to accelerate the introduction of our new technology but also to increase our revenue growth, which was 60% in 2012” concluded Andre Jaekel, Chief Financial Officer of eZono®.


    About eZono®

    eZono® AG was founded in July 2004 and is located in Jena/Germany. The company develops and markets tablet style ultrasound systems for emerging markets like regional anaesthesia and emergency care. Its first generation eZono® 3000 system achieved CE mark in May 2009 and FDA 510k in July 2011. The eZono® 3000 is now sold in more than 30 countries globally.

    About MVM

    MVM Life Science Partners LLP is a global venture capital firm that has been investing in emerging healthcare companies since 1998. Its three funds under management total $500m and its team of seven executives is located in London and Boston.

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